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Why I do what I do…

I HAVE to share this video- it’s 4 minutes of total inspiration on whatever journey you are on. Working out your WHY and purpose makes such a difference to LIFE.

This is the LINK– feel free to check it out!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 8.48.23 am.png

I’ve been reflecting on this and my Norwex journey. Yes the money is lovely, the people are AMAZING, the company is generous, the products make life so much easier, it saves money and it is SO MUCH FUN.

However a big part of my WHY comes from helping educate people to create safe havens in their homes- to empower people to make choices that will actually save money, time AND their QUALITY OF LIFE (allergies, health, skin issues, chemical free living & more). I LOVE that. I really do. I am not writing this for what I am about to say next, I am writing this because I have been pondering. I feel like I would do you a disservice as a friend if I didn’t let you know it is actually free to join Norwex at the moment. I am excited by this as people can buy wholesale and share the purpose and mission of Norwex with friends, family and others they know.

Just head to the recruting tab to read more or go to my website to sign up straight away. Feel free to send me an email too, I’d be more than happy to answer any questions or help. As you want the products in your home when you do sign up you can get 1 of our additions packs at 40% off- they are some of our most popular products and you will be on the way to creating a safe haven (AND saving yourself at least 50/75% time cleaning- no joke that is TRUE!! Norwex for the WIN! lol)

#joinNorwex  #createanorwexsafehaven

Free holiday anyone? Did you know you can earn free holidays as a Norwex consultant?

I’m about to embark on a ten day cruise with my two older children. I’ve never been on a cruise before but I’m a bit excited. There will be around 30 other Norwex consultants on this incentive trip all been given a free holiday for doing consistent business.


I love all the extras for doing something I love (like this iPad I’m typing on!)
One of my passions is sharing the Norwex opportunity with others. If you would like a chance to have a flexible, rewarding, fun job or a second or third job that fits into your schedule read about it here, sign up online my online website has a link you can do it through. Or send me an email but just know I won’t be able to reply for a few weeks.

I’ve been so encouraged by the feedback I’ve been receiving from people reading and learning on my blog. I love that it is helping people! If there is something you would like to hear about simply let me know! 🙂

So next years incentive trip is to LA and Disneyland- anyone want to come with me?!

**June 2016 Update: USA was AMAZING & earned a free ticket for my husband too (woohoo) and I have just earned my FREE trip to Hawaii…**

**Jan 2019 Update: After Hawaii, I earned an incredible trip to Europe on a Mediterranean Cruise!! How INCREDIBLE HEY!!! Yay for earning FREE travel!! 🙂

2015-10-09 17.25.47-1.jpg

hawaii palm tree

Hawaii… **BLISS** 🙂

2016-10-03 17.47.09

Enjoying my Favourite Bailey’s Alexander Cocktail…  on my Mediterranean Cruise in 2018! 🙂

2018-10-10 23.01.09-2

What is Norwex like, really?

My dad would say Aussies have an inbuilt “crap detector”, can I say crap on my blog? Um… I guess I have! LOL. When I chat to others about Norwex- so often I hear “really?”, “what’s the catch?”, “tell me the truth”… or lines similar to this. Either when I talk to people about how easy and effective it is or when they are thinking about the business opportunity. I just wanted to address this in a post, feel free to connect with me if you’d like to hear more.

My crazy kids!

I’m a mum of 4 children and I absolutely love how Norwex works around my family, which is key for me. I love that I can go to their assemblies, sports days, be home when they’re sick and take holidays when I want. I now have a team of over 150 consultants, some who do parties and earn as much money as they like and a bigger proportion of consultants who buy wholesale for themselves and supply their friends and family with Norwex. So what is Norwex as a company like? It definitely has a no pressure culture that’s for sure. I’ve been in another party plan, which really did not- so I know the difference. People honestly can use their Norwex account how they would like too. The minimum to stay active is low- only $275 retail in 6 months, also great. Getting 32% off your own products or keeping it as your commission, also great. Your account is easy to maintain when people join up with the intention to convert their homes to Norwex- the consumables (eg. laundry powder, dishwashing liquid, hand soap, dishwasher powder, skincare) as well as everyday cleaning items. Trust me though, it really does work and you will find yourself talking to others about it and giving it as gifts too.

I actually never joined Norwex to sell much. I did my first party as a favour and was seeking information afterwards as I absolutely fell in love with how well Norwex worked. I was totally floored by how inexpensive it was to join up and in the starter kit was the dust mitt which I didn’t get in my over $500 worth of host rewards (and I really wanted it!). I was sold, sign me up! What has eventuated since Nov 2012 is crazy- the beautiful people I top 10 sales 2014have met, the friends I have made- at parties, on my team (I love my team!) and other Norwex gals, the recognition for partying, the travel- holidays on the Gold coast, NZ in February next year, a cruise which I earned for free and Disneyland is the goal in 2015, free and discounted products, personal development, the income and so much more.

Norwex really are a company of integrity and I am just so thankful that is crossed my path. So thankful, I am now AWARE of the chemicals and exposure we were having on a daily basis and that converting to Norwex saves our health now and in the future. So thankful my cleaning is now FAST and easy, so thankful for the money it has saved us too- not even going down that cleaning aisle ever, not even for paper towels. So thankful for the income it has brought into our family and what that means on a daily basis. Funny, I often say to people, “you know how the longer you are with an organisation or the higher you move through leadership, the more flaws you see, the more problems there are?” well I can honestly say, this is just not

2015-08-23 22.05.28
Some of my team at conference, love them!

true for this company. Their key values are intergrity, trust and respect and this flows from the top to the bottom. A company who if they make an error sends out an email of apology, a company who listens to feedback and offers support, a company who had an issue with a batch of one of thier products and have pulled the WHOLE lot to work out why.

Please connect with me if you have any questions and I can supply you with more information. What support can I offer you? We have an online facebook group- a great place for your questions and connecting with others, a Norwex website with videos, downloads and resources, our wider team ‘gems’ website which has so many fabulous templates, information, resources, videos and training (& more), monthly webinars and training around the country. Wherever you are located, we can get information to you. You can engage in what you choose you’d like too.

If you are reading this and you are like “yep I totally want to do that” then feel free to go to my website and you can join up online just click on ‘join my team’,  and it is immediate you can start ordering straight away 🙂 I will send you an email once I get notification. Feel free to send me an email to and I can help you that way too. If you are already chatting to someone about joining up- please talk to them and tell them I said hi 🙂

Hope this has helped a little! And if you would like more of the DETAILS, this post will interest you!



“By Rachelle Potter”

Norwex makes a difference: one consultant’s story…

Norwex makes a difference on so many levels. It gives families a flexible way to earn money and 2-4 parties a week can bring full-time money for part-time hours. As a consultant we are rewarded with incentive trips, free products and stationary and so much recognition. Free training & support. It really is amazing. One of my colleagues Robyn wrote an article for our last newsletter and I asked if I could share it here on my blog. It is an impacting, real and honest look at her journey. A big thanks to Robyn for allowing me to share it.

Robyn Skilton Testimony

Robyn’s Story

One of the things that I love about this party plan caper is that you can do as little or as much as you like and you are in control of that yourself!

My journey with microfibre and party plan started about the same time, 11 years ago.  I worked as a para-legal for nearly 20 years in what I call “my former life” and after moving from Melbourne to Brisbane, found that as the law is different in QLD, I actually wasn’t qualified to work in my previous field.

I had also had our son Jack who was diagnosed with an extremely rare life threatening genetic disorder, Hurler Syndrome, just after his first birthday.  Following Jack having a Bone Marrow Transplant when he was 18 months old, I decided I wanted our brand new home to be chemical free.  I think this decision has had such a positive effect for our whole family.  I have always cleaned as I go, rather than spending “a day cleaning” and continue still to have my cleaning moments.  One in particular is when Jack is in the bath and he squeals in delight with the “rain”.  Not so much me as I continuously wipe down the walls and then dry both him and me!

Not long after Jack’s BMT we realized that I needed to get a job of some description to contribute to the household bills and really struggled with what to do.  I went to a Tupperware party one day and the demonstrator suggested I should give it a go, which I decided to do.  Mainly because I had no other way at that time of earning money and with a husband in the RAAF, figured I could do my parties around his work and when I ran out of parties would get a job somewhere else.  I had no idea what that would be but my prospects weren’t looking flash.

So off I went to my first party.  Thought I was going to vomit!  I don’t think we ever forget our first party and I still don’t to this day.  There were 15 people, divided into pretty much two groups and one that didn’t fit into either group.  The two groups talked constantly so I pretty much did my whole demonstration to her.  That first party was over $800 and I double dated.  As I walked out of her home I thought to myself “gosh that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be” and I had in fact really enjoyed myself.  And I calculated how much money I had made and got a little more excited.

As I have gone along in my party plan journey I have learned so much from talking to the people I am around, from management to other consultants and just as importantly my customers.  I don’t think it matters how long you are in this business as we are always learning and I find I learn so much from new people joining me in the business as they are fresh as well as those very experienced, successful leaders.

So I began my Norwex journey 1 year ago (Happy Norwex Birthday to me in May!) and love it!

I love all the things party plan offers.  I love that if I want to have a break I can, I simply work harder before and after.  I love that it gives women (mainly women) the opportunity to have a family and also a career. I love the people I meet and the amazing friendships that develop.   I love that if we want to earn a little to pamper ourselves or just to escape the madness of the house that is our prerogative.   Not only did I start in party plan because, at the time we needed the money, but I also needed something flexible to cater for the many hospital visits with Jack.   I also had a new baby as well and there was simply no job that would allow that luxury.   I love that we earn great money if that’s what we want.  Clearly, to be successful and make great money we need to work hard.  I believe you need to invest in your business and that involves taking advantage of the amazing training and events available.   Time management is also really important when you don’t have a lot of it and mapping out my diary is crucial.  So that not only did I know what I was doing, but that guests at my parties could see straight away from looking in my diary when I was available to do their party.  It has not only work stuff but all my personal stuff in it.  A busy diary is much more appealing than empty, blank pages.  By consistently holding 2 – 4 demos in a week we have the opportunity to earn a full-time income and the luxury of those hours being flexible.  Whether you choose this business to earn a little “pocket money” or want a full-time income I believe you still need structure.  I have business hours.  This was an extremely hard thing for me to initially implement as we all feel like we need to be available all the time or we might miss out on some business.  But once I explained to customers that I don’t answer my phone until after the children are in bed (unless I choose to of course) or that I don’t work on a Sunday as that is family time they understand that and respect your decision.  I had clear goals of what I wanted to spend my money on so think that made it relatively easy to budget appropriately.  My first big goal was to save for a pool, as that is really the only exercise Jack can do; and successfully paid cash for it.  My next goal was landscaping and over the following years saved around $50,000 and paid for that too.  The other amazing bonuses are the incentive trips you achieve, and I have been on many.  We also qualify for amazing rewards like the ongoing consultant rewards, mop bag, gorgeous blanket, watch and of course the cruise!

My first Norwex goal was to use my earnings and by a Thermomix – which I did.   I am now saving my pennies to once again pay for a pool in my next home.  I currently work 4 days a week as a teacher aide and, as I am now a single parent, I do my parties when my children are with their father on the weekend or hire a babysitter.

Our amazing business offers so many positives to our lives.  Whether you choose to do a little or a lot we certainly do have the potential to earn as much money and to be as successful as we want.  The resources are there, the amazing support is there, the parties are there, the awesome product is there – now you just need to find yourself!


For more information on how you can join Norwex, please have a read about it here and contact me via the contact form to get even more information. I live in Canberra however, we have access to so much ONLINE- webinars, training, facebook as well as a growing amount of training all over Australia.



The Norwex Mattress Cleaner: A Classic tale of the Goodies V’s the Baddies!

It could help your asthma, morning sneezing, smelly odours & more!

Norwex Mattress Cleaner
Norwex Mattress Cleaner

“I need more sneezing spray” a customer shared on the phone the other day. This particular customer’s Norwex mattress cleaner had run out and after using it for approximately 9 months & having their morning sneezing stop- they were all back to sneezing once more.

One of my customers shared a similar story with me (and many guests at parties!)…

Dawn’s story

“I cannot believe what a fantastic product the mattress spray is – I tried it because of its preventative qualities – who wants bed bugs/dust mites?

I quickly realized that something else had changed – the meeting stopping cough wasn’t happening.
I had plagued staff meetings etc with an amazing, but painless, awful cough for years and years.

Suddenly it wasn’t happening – I know when it’s time to re-spray, I get a little cough if I have forgotten to spray.
Now even my new little cat has no bother with dust etc as she enjoys bed warmth with her human mother.

I used it in the car, too, with the same good results!

When my older visited TWICE recently, there was no ‘morning sneezing’ for which both my daughters are renowned.

My asthmatic friend who visits several times a semester with her studies having residential sessions, has had no attacks here since I used the spray!! ”

Sarah’s story

I vividly remember doing an emergency dash over to Sarah’s house after she had some delightful (?) smells in her car, Sarah is a mum of 4 & whose children get car sick… This is what she just wrote about the mattress cleaner.

mattress cleaner and soft toys“If your kids get car sick, never leave home without it!!!!!  It’s amazing. Vomit is organic matter, so the enzymes work on them like they do on the dustmite faeces, literally getting rid of it (not just a cover-up). I’ve lent mine out several times to others whose kids have been sick, and I’m so glad it’s on sale again…I’ve been waiting. I always take it with me on holidays (it was great in one holiday house, too, to be able to get rid of what I assume was cat pee smell off the lounges. Sprayed it the first night, then we could sit on the lounge the next morning).

My story

I know in our own family my daughter suffers from asthma & since using this both MY morning runny noses have disappeared & she had gone from needing her ventalin at least once a day to only requiring it when she has a cold. I love how Norwex has improved our quality of life. Yes it has saved us money, saved me time in cleaning but how it has helped our health, that is priceless.

So how does it work?

Dust mites themsleves are not what causes allergies, it’s the faeces they leave behind. In fact dust mite droppings are the most common cause of dust-related allergies.

mattress cleaner how does it workDust mites

Dust mites are tiny, approximately 50 of them could fit on the end of a pin. They eat the fungus that grows from dead skin cells and animal dander and each day each one produces about 20 faecal pellets.

Inhaled dust mite faecal matter can lead to eye-ear-nose-throat infections, headaches, fatigue, depression, sleep difficulties, snoring and respiratory illnesses such as sinusitis, allergies and asthma attacks.

What’s in the mattress cleaner?

I often say at my parties that it’s “disgustingly awesome” Why? Because the micro organisms (live bacteria) within the cleaner are dormant in the bottle, but once the bottle has been shaken & sprayed on their “food source” (Yes the POO!!) they are activated, reproduce and as they eat away they produce enzymes (protein) and these enzymes break down the fecal matter, dead skin cells, pet dander or any organic matter which causes unpleasant odours and turn it into carbon dioxide and water. Once their job is done they disintegrate, so no need for vacuuming up afterwards (as you need to do with other sprays).

It’s a classic case of Goodies V’s Baddies!!

The leader of our Norwex team, Linda Pearce describes their job perfectly…

“Similar to our other “enzyme-based” or microbial products, our Mattress Cleaner does not “kill” anything (including dust mites). It works by eating up all of the organic matter that the dust mites would feed on, as well as the accumulated dust mite bodies and faecal matter. No food = no more growth of mites……at least for a while…….until there is more food. The overgrowth of the good bacteria at the expense of the dust mites is called competitive inhibition. We simply add enough “good guys” to be sure they out compete the “bad guys.”

Where can I get it from? What if it doesn’t work?


Norwex Mattress Cleaner
Norwex Mattress Cleaner

Click on the image and it will take you to my online store. Postage is $9.95. Think about some complimentary products such as the envirowand, laundry detergent, dust mitt (its like a magnet) & the enviro cloth which you can use damp to wipe over your bed rails (amongst MANY other uses).

If you’re not sure then I encourage you to TRY it- Norwex products carry a 60 day money back policy so you have more than enough time to see if it makes a difference.


Some other Norwex customer testimonies…

“I used mattress cleaner when my daughter was waking up every morning with bites on her skin….(it was a second hand mattress given to us) once we used the mattress cleaner she never has woken up with bites again…I started using the mattress cleaner roughly 3-4 months ago.” Odette George, Qld

“My sinus problems showed a marked improvement within one day of using the mattress cleaner. While it hasn’t gone completely, it is much better!” Susan Don, Qld

“Fantastic stuff! Gets rid of the smell of pee (both human and pets) and has cleared up my brother in laws eczema. Brilliant must have product!!!!” Monica Whawell, Qld

“My sister bought it in March 2011 as her daughter Ashleigh suffers badly from Asthma, eczema and other skin conditions. She uses it regularly on her mattress and pillows, the year she started using it was the first year she didn’t end up in hospital with breathing difficulties. Needless to say, Sandie has become a complete Norwex fan.” Stacey Allen, Qld

“I suffer from hay fever and my partner from hay fever and asthma. When I heard about the mattress cleaner I was skeptical (like with all the products) but gave it a try… Bam… No more sneezes and runny noses in the early morning from both of us! Mother in law uses and say it has reduced hubbies snoring and no more hay fever!” Carla Stevens, Qld

“My kids both suffer from asthma, with my daughter also suffering from eczema and hay fever as well. I can always tell when it’s time to do their bedding again and pretty well spot on 3 months they will start with the coughing sneezing, runny eyes and nose and everything else that goes along with them. Simply spray all their bedding, doonas, pillows etc. and it clears it up straight away! Would NOT be without the mattress cleaner, the best thing I ever bought from Norwex and that’s been a lot of products! You will not regret buying!” Sandra Ludcke, Qld