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One oven… cleaned in TEN minutes- do YOU believe it?

Who HATES cleaning the oven?

Well I did, but now I LOVE IT! I know, wierd right? I guess it’s all about the tools we use. If we have something that works and makes it easier, then we can experience an attitude shift. I’m so grateful I stumbled upon Norwex. At the original party I held as a “favour” for my friend, she cleaned my oven. My 6 month pregnant consultant sprayed the Norwex oven and grill cleaner on my much baked upon oven, I think it was descibed as a “dream oven for demo’s”!! (I’ll try not to take offense!! haha) After a small amount of scrubbing with the spirinet, the baked on “cooking love” as I call it, just dissolved. No horrible smell, no scrubbing, no face masks, no falling over from the fumes, DONE! The wire racks silver once more, the glass like new.

On the weekend I consulted at a party where half the people were motivated to come because I was claiming I could clean the host’s oven with ease and only a small amount of effort! Well in the picture below you can see the result. It took ten minutes and LOTS of “oooooh’s and ahhhhh’s!!” 🙂

I used…

the Norwex Oven and grill cleaner

A Norwex spirinettt, and

A norwex all purpose grease cloth

oven and grill cleaner with name.png