Norwex makes a difference: one consultant’s story…

Norwex makes a difference on so many levels. It gives families a flexible way to earn money and 2-4 parties a week can bring full-time money for part-time hours. As a consultant we are rewarded with incentive trips, free products and stationary and so much recognition. Free training & support. It really is amazing. One of my colleagues Robyn wrote an article for our last newsletter and I asked if I could share it here on my blog. It is an impacting, real and honest look at her journey. A big thanks to Robyn for allowing me to share it.

Robyn Skilton Testimony

Robyn’s Story

One of the things that I love about this party plan caper is that you can do as little or as much as you like and you are in control of that yourself!

My journey with microfibre and party plan started about the same time, 11 years ago.  I worked as a para-legal for nearly 20 years in what I call “my former life” and after moving from Melbourne to Brisbane, found that as the law is different in QLD, I actually wasn’t qualified to work in my previous field.

I had also had our son Jack who was diagnosed with an extremely rare life threatening genetic disorder, Hurler Syndrome, just after his first birthday.  Following Jack having a Bone Marrow Transplant when he was 18 months old, I decided I wanted our brand new home to be chemical free.  I think this decision has had such a positive effect for our whole family.  I have always cleaned as I go, rather than spending “a day cleaning” and continue still to have my cleaning moments.  One in particular is when Jack is in the bath and he squeals in delight with the “rain”.  Not so much me as I continuously wipe down the walls and then dry both him and me!

Not long after Jack’s BMT we realized that I needed to get a job of some description to contribute to the household bills and really struggled with what to do.  I went to a Tupperware party one day and the demonstrator suggested I should give it a go, which I decided to do.  Mainly because I had no other way at that time of earning money and with a husband in the RAAF, figured I could do my parties around his work and when I ran out of parties would get a job somewhere else.  I had no idea what that would be but my prospects weren’t looking flash.

So off I went to my first party.  Thought I was going to vomit!  I don’t think we ever forget our first party and I still don’t to this day.  There were 15 people, divided into pretty much two groups and one that didn’t fit into either group.  The two groups talked constantly so I pretty much did my whole demonstration to her.  That first party was over $800 and I double dated.  As I walked out of her home I thought to myself “gosh that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be” and I had in fact really enjoyed myself.  And I calculated how much money I had made and got a little more excited.

As I have gone along in my party plan journey I have learned so much from talking to the people I am around, from management to other consultants and just as importantly my customers.  I don’t think it matters how long you are in this business as we are always learning and I find I learn so much from new people joining me in the business as they are fresh as well as those very experienced, successful leaders.

So I began my Norwex journey 1 year ago (Happy Norwex Birthday to me in May!) and love it!

I love all the things party plan offers.  I love that if I want to have a break I can, I simply work harder before and after.  I love that it gives women (mainly women) the opportunity to have a family and also a career. I love the people I meet and the amazing friendships that develop.   I love that if we want to earn a little to pamper ourselves or just to escape the madness of the house that is our prerogative.   Not only did I start in party plan because, at the time we needed the money, but I also needed something flexible to cater for the many hospital visits with Jack.   I also had a new baby as well and there was simply no job that would allow that luxury.   I love that we earn great money if that’s what we want.  Clearly, to be successful and make great money we need to work hard.  I believe you need to invest in your business and that involves taking advantage of the amazing training and events available.   Time management is also really important when you don’t have a lot of it and mapping out my diary is crucial.  So that not only did I know what I was doing, but that guests at my parties could see straight away from looking in my diary when I was available to do their party.  It has not only work stuff but all my personal stuff in it.  A busy diary is much more appealing than empty, blank pages.  By consistently holding 2 – 4 demos in a week we have the opportunity to earn a full-time income and the luxury of those hours being flexible.  Whether you choose this business to earn a little “pocket money” or want a full-time income I believe you still need structure.  I have business hours.  This was an extremely hard thing for me to initially implement as we all feel like we need to be available all the time or we might miss out on some business.  But once I explained to customers that I don’t answer my phone until after the children are in bed (unless I choose to of course) or that I don’t work on a Sunday as that is family time they understand that and respect your decision.  I had clear goals of what I wanted to spend my money on so think that made it relatively easy to budget appropriately.  My first big goal was to save for a pool, as that is really the only exercise Jack can do; and successfully paid cash for it.  My next goal was landscaping and over the following years saved around $50,000 and paid for that too.  The other amazing bonuses are the incentive trips you achieve, and I have been on many.  We also qualify for amazing rewards like the ongoing consultant rewards, mop bag, gorgeous blanket, watch and of course the cruise!

My first Norwex goal was to use my earnings and by a Thermomix – which I did.   I am now saving my pennies to once again pay for a pool in my next home.  I currently work 4 days a week as a teacher aide and, as I am now a single parent, I do my parties when my children are with their father on the weekend or hire a babysitter.

Our amazing business offers so many positives to our lives.  Whether you choose to do a little or a lot we certainly do have the potential to earn as much money and to be as successful as we want.  The resources are there, the amazing support is there, the parties are there, the awesome product is there – now you just need to find yourself!


For more information on how you can join Norwex, please have a read about it here and contact me via the contact form to get even more information. I live in Canberra however, we have access to so much ONLINE- webinars, training, facebook as well as a growing amount of training all over Australia.



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