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Baileys Frappacino

Bailey’s Frappacino thermomix style!

400g ice

200g baileys

150g milk

20g Cadbury’s drinking chocolate (powder) OR a scoop chocolate icecream

Put everything in and process on speed 9 for ONE minute. Makes two big glasses or 4 smaller glasses.

This of course can be made in a good blender 🙂

Warning: very addictive! Just ask my husband who asks for this nearly every night! LUCKY he travels and can get it duty free!! 🙂

You may wonder why this would be on my blog, well it is being modelled on our beautiful latte microfibre towel 🙂

I am collecting a mix of my own recipes here to share aswell 🙂

If you would like to know two of the BEST items to clean your thermie, then skip over to the post on cleaning your thermomix

Let me know what you think, i’d love to know 🙂

“By Rachelle Potter”

How Norwex can help you to Clean the Thermomix ….

Thermomix care pack
Thermomix care pack

Are you lucky enough to have a thermomix?

You may be reading this and thinking ‘what the heck is a thermomix?’ 🙂 (Don’t get me started on the awesomeness of this kitchen master! Perhaps google it?!!)

Today I just want to share some ESSENTIAL items that have been AMAZING in cleaning ‘Thermie Joy’ as my kids call him 🙂 Do you find it a little tricky to clean sometimes? After purchasing one a little while back, Norwex has proven VERY effective in the cleaning of it.

So how do you clean the thermomix with Norwex?

What I use…

Spirisponges clean the bowl and blades (without scratching)
Spirisponges clean the bowl and blades (without scratching)


* The Norwex Spirisponge is a sponge covered by a scrubber that is safe for use on Teflon® and smooth-top stoves. It also cleans the bowl and blades without scratching it. The part that I find the trickiest in cleaning is that section above the blades, well the spirisponge gets in there beautifully 🙂

Kitchen Cloths…

* The second genius product is the humble Norwex kitchen cloth, it’s made of Norwex’s outstanding Antibac microfibre, these cloths are extra absorbent and perfect for a variety of kitchen jobs- the dishes, cupboards, the fridge AND the thermomix! Due to its absorption and the high density microfibre it wipes messes superbly from the ‘lip’ at the top where the bowl fits.

Kitchen Cloths- prefect for wiping over and pleaning splatters & crumbs
Kitchen Cloths and towels- perfect for wiping over and cleaning splatters and crumbs

Kitchen Towels

*The Norwex Kitchen Towel (similar to the cloth but tea towel size) is FABULOUS at drying the bowl, base and blades. You know those times when you are making a few things in a row and you have to make sure you dry the BASE really well? The kitchen towel sucks the water up with EASE, LOVE IT!!!!!


The Amazing Dishmat…

The Norwex Dishmat– perfect for sitting your thermy (and other

Nowex dishmat- thermie pieces air dry with no condensation
Nowex dishmat- thermie pieces air dry with no condensation

dishes) onto dry- ultra absorbant, compact & its design really allows things to dry without condensation. Pile dishes high as they dry, and eliminate drenched towels with the super absorbent Dish Mat. The mesh side allows air to flow through while the microfibre soaks up excess moisture. The neutral latte colour will blend with almost any kitchen décor. (also matches the ‘latte’ kitchen cloths & towels.

This brush cleans like gold!
This brush cleans like gold!

 Our NEW Stainless Steel Brush…

The new stainless steel brush designed to clean the awesome stainless steel straws are awesome at cleaning thermomix blades. I made risotto (as pictured) which does a great job at messing up the blades and using this strong little brush, it cleaned it in no time at all. Also the underneath part of the butterfly- perfect for that cleaning job aswell!

The Fruit & Veggie Scrub cloth…

Oh you have to get the AMAZING Fruit and Veggie Scrub cloth, can scrub off nasty chemicals and also dirt and then pop the whole fruit/veg in without necessarily peeling (such as the carrot).

Remove dirt, wax, pesticides, bacteria with JUST water and this cloth...
Remove dirt, wax, pesticides, bacteria with JUST water and this cloth…

It is a two sided, scrub and dry Microfibre cloth for cleaning of fruit and vegetables. Removes dirt, pesticides, bacteria and waxy coating using pure water only it is 32 cm x 32 cm and of course the two year warranty, like all our cloths.

So many more uses for these items…

The cool thing about Norwex is that you can use these products for SO MANY OTHER USES as well…. for example wash your apples with the fruit and veggie scrub cloth and let them dry on the absorbant dish mat, use the brush to clean inside bottles and drink bottles, use the kitchen cloth to wipe benches so they are clean and streak free & I could go on and on and ON!!! (and on!!)

How can you get these awesome Thermomix cleaning gems?

You can just head to my Norwex Online Shop, click on the link or the tab at the top of the page 🙂

Or email me at rachellepotter78@gmail.com if you would like to know how you can get them in a special package just from me. The ultimate Thermie Care Bag 🙂

 And to finish off, would you like a special treat?

If you do have a thermomix and you love Baileys, if you follow this link, it will take you to a recipe I created…. YUMM.

baileys frappacino– IT IS AMAZING!! (if I do say so myself!)

Bailey's Frappacino... Heaven in a cup!
Bailey’s Frappacino… Heaven in a cup!



Thanks for reading, I hope it helps 🙂


“By Rachelle Potter”