Sign up to be a Norwex consultant ONLINE!

2015-08-22 12.36.45.jpgMy team are called The Fluros (and the best team of course!!) we are all about #creatingabrighterfuture and we are from many parts in this country. If you have ever wondered about being a Norwex consultant- then there is no better time! You can do it online easily & quickly. I’d be happy to help within the process if you need but it’s pretty straight forward! There are webinars, facebook, the phone & live trainings around Australia and New Zealand- you can feel supported from wherever you are. Perhaps you want to sign up and buy your Norwex wholesale, perhaps you’d like to earn a little or a lot- it’s all up to you! The cost is only $69.95 AUS & $79.96NZ & you get a kit worth around $200. You can also get a huge start up kit for only the postage, read more about that here. You can earn so much for free in your first 90 days as well. Contact me for info or get started straight away as a Norwex Consultant! If you do sign up I will contact you with an email about how I can help you get started, some handy links & resources 🙂

As a Norwex consultant you can:

    • Be financially independent
    • Earn incentives and bonuses
    • Improve the quality of life for your family
    • Be financially independent
    • Be recognised for your hard work
    • Have flexible work hours
    • Make new friends
    • Be your own boss
  • If you’d like to read a little more about what I’ve written in the past about becoming a consultant, just click here.

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