Rescue Gel to the Rescue!


10291810_773318036020217_8044189756339298660_n You know “those” products you come across that you just need to either a) tell everyone about or b) buy it for everyone as a gift? Enter… the amazing timeless relaxation rescue gel! The rescue gel has a roller-ball applicator with natural and organic ingredients free from ‘nasties’ like parabens, alcohol, petroleum derived ingredients, triclosan & phthalates.

Included in the ingredient list are; organic aloe vera (soothes), organic extra virgin olive oil (moisturises & hydrates), organic rosemary (stimulates & invigorates the senses, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-depressant), sage (cleanses, astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory), devil’s claw (healing, anti-inflammatory), chamomile (healing, anti-inflammatory), Arnica Montana (soothes, moisturizes, protects), Camphor (warms) and menthol (cools).

With this synergistic blend of ingredients it is fabulous for a broad range of uses and users have had great success with managing stress and anxiety, sleeplessness, headaches and migraines, bruising, irritable/restless legs, pain, swelling, sore muscles, arthritis, gout, back pain, joint pain, tennis elbow, decongestant, nausea, calming down children, sciatica (nerve pain), blocked ears on an aeroplane, tendonitis, menstrual pain, fever (put on your feet), pain following chemo, labour pains and many other uses.

One rescue gel user wrote this testimony,

“I have slept like a LOG for a whole week thanks to this product! Rubbing it into my temples and all over my neck and shoulders is proving miraculous, because I have awful trouble getting off to sleep, and staying asleep once I get there. I always have. But this week has been AMAZING. I wake up, morning after morning, totally astonished at how I slept like a log, and so I wake up feeling properly refreshed. I used it tonight as a chest and back rub for my daughter who has the flu. It took away all the achy pains in her back, and cleared her stuffed nose, so she’s dropped straight off to sleep (and she, like me, usually struggles most nights to get to sleep). And I’m so delighted to have a natural chest rub – I hate all the chemicals in vicks. So this is one happy mumma!” Catherine.
Who would like to try some?

It is one of the HOTTEST things I am selling at the moment.If you would like to try it, head over to my online store it really is AMAZING!!


“By Rachelle Potter”




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