The oven & grill cleaner does it again… One customers story

oven and grill cleaner with nameI love this testimony from a happy customer…

“I have to tell you all about something. We had tenants just move out – and the 18 month old stove looked like it was 47 years old with baked on crap and filth…

Was thinking of calling The Oven Fairy to come scrub for 2 hours but I didn’t like the $190 price tag.

The chemicals get me though – I can’t stand the smell and the mess.

Then I went to a cleaning party on Monday night – I joked with my girlfriend in Canberra that we were going to a party to learn how to be better wives!

So it was Norwex. And it cleaned my apartments filthy oven back to gleaming in about 5 minutes. No joke.

Best purchase ever.

Actually I also had the opportunity to take my entire face of makeup off with one of their cloths as well… Which did the most amazing job. With water. So no more Clinique Take The Day Off for me.

Something’s are meant to be shared. Norwex Oven Cleaner is one of those things. It would be mean not to.”

Get your oven and grill here…

but don’t forget your spirinetts and all purpose kitchen cloth!!

For more information on how it can be done read One oven… cleaned in TEN minutes- do YOU believe it?

oven and grill before and after book



“By Rachelle Potter”

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